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Solitaire Games


Are you a competitive person and you always manage to win? If you consider yourself a smart, cunning and skillful person dont let escape our fantastic solitaire application with which you can spend hours playing non-stop without any amount and also without having to leave home, go for it!A game that at first glance seems simple, but you will be hooked and you will not want to stop playing, just enter and see it for yourself! You have to be very attentive at every moment to meditate and think where to place the cards, but when you start youll see how easy it is. Your goal in the pastime is to group the cards in numerical form starting with an ace until piling on 7 decks. Remember that it must be downward and alternating black and red colors together, but it will not be valid. Beware not to stay blocked because youll have to draw a card and if even so you cant go forward, youll lose the game having to start the game.
You will enjoy the most innovative graphics of the screens, virtual effects of superb quality and a really easy interface to use with which you will live moments of pure pleasure, good Luck!